We spent Valentines Day in Glasgow, and enjoyed ourselves very much. We had some great Indian food, and tried some of the local fare as well. I had Scottish Rarebit for lunch one day, and Pat tried bangers and mash. I always imagined rarebit to be some sort of meat dish, but it is actually a simple, tangy cheese sauce served over toast. Neither of us were brave enough to try haggis, though. According to Wikipedia, haggis is a mixture of sheep’s heart, liver, and lung mixed with oatmeal, suet, onion, and spices. It is then all boiled in an animal’s stomach for about three hours. Yum!

We were able to take advantage of quite a bit of culture while in Glasgow. We went to several very good museums, and on Valentine’s Day we saw the play Equus. We both enjoyed it, but it was very intense and dark. Simon Callow (from Four Weddings and a Funeral) played the psychiatrist and Alfie Allen (recently seen in Atonement) starred as the disturbed young teen.

A few more lessons were learned along the way, of course. The biggest lesson for this trip was about hostels. When booking, I requested a room for two people but did not specify that we wanted a double bed. I think this is the first time in our marriage that Pat and I have slept in bunk beds. We could have changed to a double bed after the first night, but it was going to be more hassle that it was worth. Anyway, we both agreed that we felt like kids at summer camp.

To see more pictures of our trip to Glasgow, check out our Flickr site.