Summer was nice here. It was a quite pleasant three-and-a-half hours.

In the first few weeks and months after we arrived in Ireland, we were assured over and over that we were lucky not to have come here a year earlier. Summer 2007 was horrible, everyone agreed, and it never seemed to stop raining. As it turns out, this year is worse, far worse, record-breakingly, sanity-threateningly worse.

An article in yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail was titled, “Will the rain ever stop? More flooding misery in the wettest August ever recorded.” The article explained that normally 71 mm of rain falls in August, 145 mm fell last August, and this year we’ve hit 176 mm (almost 7 inches) – through just the first 17 days of the month. With two weeks to go, there isn’t expected to be any let-up, and in Cork, we’re already at almost 75% the normal rainfall for the year. Last month, Cork Airport was the wettest weather station in the country, recording the wettest July since 1975, with 156 mm of rain.

People here talk about “sun holidays” and now we know what they mean. Usually people head off to the south of Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, or somewhere, anywhere, sunny. This weekend, we head off for two weeks in Bratislava, Vienna, the Alps, Salzburg, and Prague. While this wouldn’t be where we’d have planned for had we been thinking sun, we have looked at the forecasts, and we’re in luck. Sun!