Salzburg is a beautiful town, but it was destined to be a disappointment to us.  On our first afternoon, we ventured forth from the pension only to be rained on for the first time in our trip.  Then, as we made our way to the restaurant the pension owner recommended, something got into my eye, causing me to reach up and knock my contact out of place.  I couldn’t be sure whether the contact had popped out or was floating around my eyeball heading toward my frontal lobe.  With my contact still A.W.O.L., we arrived at the restaurant and discovered it was closed. 

 Over dinner, my contact resettled into its usual place, and my mood improved, as did the weather the next morning.  But Salzburg is a bit like the small-town version of Vienna, and having seen Vienna a few days before, we needed more than just beautiful buildings to impress us (are we really that jaded already?).  Salzburg has far fewer tourists than Vienna, but they’re crowded in more closely here, blocking off sidewalks and alleyways. 

 Again, though, it is beautiful and we did enjoy our time here, but we should have seen it before Vienna.  As it is, it’s more of the same.  The same buildings, the same Mozart-themed stores and museums, the same horse-drawn carriages.  Actually, we had wondered in Vienna how they had so many horses and yet the streets were so clean.  I had concluded the Austrians had been secretly developing non-pooping horses until we noticed the horses each had a bag behind them to catch their droppings.  I believe the Austrians call this “Der poopen catchen.”

 So, today we head for Prague, another beautiful city.  I only hope my contact stays in place this time.