Prague, like the other cities we visited, was incredible, and we think it may have topped Vienna in terms of overall beauty, which we didn’t think possible.  We were tired, though, by the end of our trip, and it’s nice to be home here in Cork.  We had our fill of gelato, goulash, schnitzel, sausage, sun and walking, lots and lots of walking.

What occured to us during our earlier trip to London and again during this trip was that it’s easier for us to travel to other countries than it is for us to travel to towns halfway across the county.  We can’t drive now (which we’ll be talking about in more detail in later posts), so getting anywhere here in Ireland outside Cork is inconvenient and sometimes impossible.  We hope that changes when Amy gets her Irish driving license, which should be next month.  In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to keep breaking in our passports.