I don’t mean to keep picking on the Irish and their poor sense of time and inability to look to the future (okay, maybe I do), but I have to share this.  Curious about just how rainy it might be this weekend, I went to Met Eireann’s website this morning at about 8 a.m. to look at the “Three day weather forecast — Cork.”  It showed weather predications for today and tomorrow, and that was it.  Oh, the predictions were for mid-day, so the last forecast was for tomorrow at noon.  Only in Ireland could a three-day forecast look 28 hours into the future and stop.  Not only that, they put in a caveat that the information provided for the county on the three day forecast might disagree with the written text elsewhere on their site, and if so to ignore the three day forecast.  You’ve got to love a meteorological society which, when asked to predict the weather, pretty much says, “Look out the window.”