I was out and about today around lunch so I decided to stop in at O’Briens for a sandwich.  O’Briens is a chain restaurant and coffee shop here in Ireland and elsewhere, and we’ve been in to them before a couple of times.  I saw the “Special of the Day” was a chicken tikka baguette, which sounded good, so I ordered it.

The cashier asked what I was having and when I told her it was the special she had to ask a co-worker what the special was.  I thought that was odd, because it seemed to me the special should be a set price from day-to-day.  So, I paid attention to her ringing me up and it was €2.25 for the Coke and €5.50 for the sandwich.  Again, I was confused, since that was the same price shown on the regular menu.  When I asked why the special was at the regular price, she explained, “It’s not a special offer, it’s the ‘Special of the Day.’”

I had to laugh.  I’ve seen specials that were no less expensive than other meals, but were items not found on the normal menu, and I’ve seen specials that were on the regular menu but at a reduced price.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever ordered a special that was always on the menu, and always at the same price.

To add insult to injury, the sandwich was as bland as could be.  In all seriousness, I decided about halfway through the sandwich that I would really pay attention to the next bite to see if I could detect any flavour, and in all fairness, there was the slightest hint of chicken.  This was, without question, the least special “Special” I have ever ordered.