We bank at AIB, and there is a branch office about 100 yards from here. Getting there, however, is a challenge. At least, getting there legally.

Driving should work, except while the bank has a parking lot, it’s not possible to get into the parking lot legally. You see, the one car-sized curb cut allowing cars into the lot is actually several feet down the street from the lot (and leads nowhere), so drivers have to (and do) drive on the wide sidewalk before getting to the lot itself. When leaving, many drivers opt to drive out using the bike and wheelchair-sized curb cut (about 4 feet wide).

Walking should be easy, except to walk there using sidewalks and crosswalks involves about a half mile hike, heading north up the road until it reaches a T-intersection, then crossing over to the other side of Curragh Road, coming back along Curragh Road, and finally crossing three more streets to get to the bank. Opting for a more direct route involves attempting to cross the road at a wide expanse of tarmac where five roads meet, and two more enter less than fifty feet away. There is no crosswalk from where we are, and it’s difficult to look every direction and judge the traffic correctly to know it’s safe to cross, so usually I get halfway out and have to wait in the painted triangular no-drive zone while traffic passes by. The no-drive zone is more of a theoretical concept than a reality, so it’s not always terribly safe.