We left Poros, caught the ferry to Athens, and from there took a train to Thessaloniki, which is in the region of Macedonia, in the north of Greece. From there we crossed the border into the country of Macedonia, which entered the U.N. as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) because Greece didn’t want it having the exact same name as one of its regions.

We spent the day in the capital, Skopje, before heading off on a night bus to Montenegro. We had to have gone through another country on the way, but to be honest, we don’t know whether we passed through Albania or Serbia.

Budva is a coastal resort town in Montenegro, and it wasn’t really what we were looking for. It had too much of a carnival atmosphere in town, probably due to the carnival in town. After two days of sitting on the beach, we were ready to move on.

A few hours of bus rides (from Budva to Podogorica, the capital, and Podgorica to Zabljak) got us to the Durmitor National Park. Durmitor was why we are here. We were looking for places to visit between Greece and Venice, and noticed Montenegro on the map. It was small, and the only thing I knew about it was that it was the birthplace of Nero Wolfe. But when we did image searches of Montenegro and Durmitor, we realized how incredibly beautiful the place was and that we had to visit. Zabljak is a town in the National Park itself and a jumping off place for day hikes or rafting. We’ve missed the mountains and are glad to be here.