Our last stop in Europe was Cork, where we’d first arrived 22 months earlier.  We were going back to sort through a few things we’d left there, deciding what to ship home and what to take with us.  We also wanted to get some more travel shots, since we were headed to Mexico next.  But the real reason for the trip, the reason we spent a week there instead of a day or two, was to see old friends.

In that, the trip was a success.  Every night but the last we spent seeing friends, and it was great craic.  We visited some of our favourite restaurants, and saw all the new stores that have opened in city centre.  We’d only been gone a little over three months but it had changed quite a bit.

Our last day, though, reminded us why it was time to move on.  It was lashing rain, 1.5 inches that day, and those last minute tasks such as shipping things home, which would have taken less than 2 hours to do in Corvallis, took more than 7 in Cork.

Still, we’ll be back.  Shortly after leaving Ireland in June we began to miss our friends there, and we decided to put Europe back into our future travel plans.  It will be a few years from now, but we will return for a year or two.  Maybe someplace drier, though.