We’ve already talked a little about how often we run into people we know here in San Miguel, but I have to write just a bit more about this phenomena.  We’ve been back two weeks, and we just keep running into people we know, and the pace of these random meetings is just getting faster and faster.  There are three people I met for the first time Wednesday but have run into three times since.  That’s right, including Wednesday I’ve seen these people four out of the last five days, and none of them were planned meetings.

It began on Wednesday when Amy and I went for the first time out to San Miguel Viejo, a small rancho (community) on the outskirts of town.  We were there to volunteer for Elsmarie, a lovely woman who moved out there and has begun an afterschool arts program for kids.  The program, called Ojalá (God willing), attracts as many as 70 kids each week.  We weren’t the only new volunteers that day, and we met more than a dozen people that day, including our three new friends.

Yesterday we bumped into them at an annual chili cookoff, which was a great event, and between visits to the chilli booths we talked with nine people we’d met before – there were at least 8 of us from this last Wednesday at Ojalá alone.  We also were introduced to or chatted with three new people, and saw but didn’t have a chance to talk to several other people we knew by name.

It’s actually an odd event now to go out and not run into someone we know.